BRCA1 and BRCA2 are gene proteins that help suppress the onset of breast cancer.  Studies indicate that of the estimated 252, 000 women to be diagnosed nationally with breast cancer in a year, 12,600 to 25,200 have a genetic BRCA mutation giving them a 72% chance of developing breast cancer by age 80.  Studies also indicate that genetic screening disparities between rural and non-rural women are even more pronounced among minorities,  with rural ethnic groups such as African Americans and Native Americans receiving less breast cancer screening than their non-rural counterparts.


HK Foundation desires to see an increase in screening for cancer and a reduction in cancer mortality rates in rural communities.  We believe that our contribution to achieving that goal is through outreach, raising awareness, preventive education, and connecting people to resources available for early screening and genetic testing.


To assist with making advancements in achieving our objectives for cancer awareness and supporting those with cancer you can donate TODAY!  BRCA-THON funds raised will be used for the development of our 'Outreach and Engagement Strategic Plan' for an HK Foundation Program focusing on breast cancer awareness information, breast cancer screening, and genetic testing in rural communities.  The Strategic Plan, targeted at southern Louisiana rural communities, will define the detailed process for community outreach as well as information distribution, genetic testing, and testing results dissemination.  The project’s phase one study and its data results will identify and prioritize rural targeted areas for community outreach as well as serve as a basis for the funding of genetic testing in Louisiana’s rural under-served communities.


The program will be implemented and managed jointly by HK Foundation and its community based medical partnerships.